Why Celebrities Love and Hate Their Tattoo Design?

Not only common people, celebrities also have such tattoos in their body as one of the sources of attraction. Many celebrities’ tattoos are famous among public, but some are not. Celebrity Tattoo Design is commonly derived from the personal perspective of the user. Thus, most celebrities admit that the tattoos they attach to their body are all meaningful for their privacy.

Celebrities’ Tattoo Choosing
Many celebrities use their body as canvases to show their affiliation and identity by creating some symbols, like what David Beckham did in creating Jesus and three Cherubs representing Christian symbol and his three sons that are very meaningful in his life. Besides, Lady Gaga also create peace symbol tattoo since she was inspired by John Lennon. Some celebrities like Zayn Malik, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry are those who choose phrases tattoo design to be carved on their parts of body. The phrases are usually spelled in unusual foreign language such as Hindu. Animals design is another common Celebrity Tattoo Design used by some famous people. Butterfly, lion, owl, etc. are also chosen by some celebrities like Justin Bieber, Johnny Depp, and also Harry Styles.

celebrity meganfox cancer tattoo design on wrist

Celebrities’ Tattoo Removal
However, sometimes Celebrity Tattoo Design that has been carved to celebrities’ body does not provide everlasting satisfaction for them. Many celebrities decide to remove the tattoos they have made due to the miss-spelled phrase in their tattoo designs, or they simply do not like the tattoos anymore like what Megan Fox feels with her Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her forearm. Personal problems experienced by celebrities, including divorce and other relationship failure, also become a reason of Celebrity Tattoo Design removal. Nick Carter and Paris Hilton removed each other’s tattoo name after they broke up, and many celebrities like Angelina Jolie did it, too. Kathy Griffin erased her ring tattoo off after her divorce with Matt Moline in 2006.

18 Photos of the Why Celebrities Love and Hate Their Tattoo Design?

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