Why 50 Cent Tattoos Removed?

50 cent tattoos is known as contemporary style. Under his belly he has the head of Devils tattoo on the left side and head of Jesus tattoo on the right side. 50 cent also has word “Beau” tattoo on his neck and words “Southside”, 50 and Cold world tattoos on his back. While on his right outer bicep, there is a Battle Axe with Marquise tattoos. Warrior tattoos is on above the right upper of his shoulder and in the forearm there is a Sabrina tattoo. On the outer bicep, there is a Ghetto Angel tattoo. However, the tattoos may have been removed because of his role in movie.

Some Tattoos Are Removed For Movie Reasons
50 Cent tattoos were removed because he wanted to be professional in playing his character on movie. This American rapper and actor decided to remove it because it need a long time for covering the tattoos with makeup. He said that if he got the call to the movie set on six o’clock, he had to be there on two o’clock the night before. Therefore, 50 cent tattoos was removed from his arm to save the four hours makeup time.

50 cent arm tattoos

50 Cent Tattoos Removed By Laser
The tattoos were removed with high costly laser procedures. Laser treatment is known for its effective, safe and fast results. 50 cent tattoos was removed by break down the pigment of the ink in his skin using beam of laser. The size and color of tattoos become factors that influenced the removal treatment. Tattoo like 50 Cent is heavy tattoos with complexion color and size. Therefore, he should repeat the treatment for over eight weeks until the tattoos gradually vanish entirely. But he satisfied with the result since there is no scar and discoloration on his skin and the tattoos are completely gone.

9 Photos of the Why 50 Cent Tattoos Removed?

simple 50 cent tattoo on arm50cent tattoo black50 cent tattoos50 cent tattoos picture50 cent tattoos on chest50 cent tattoo removal on arm50 cent tattoo on back50 cent tattoo design ideas50 cent arm tattoos

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