Urban Tattoo Designs in Ghetto Neighborhoods

Urban tattoo designs are widely seen in ghetto neighborhoods such as the Bronx in America. Most of these people are commonly associated with rap, hip hop and R&B music style. For example tattoos on Eminem and 50 Cent. Some of the lyrics in Ghetto lyrics even uses wordings such as “show them tattoos when you switch it up” which indicates their likings for tattoos and body inks on their girls. These particular types of tattoos are usually done in black and white with a lot of shadings, when done properly it could look really nice on their bodies.

Mainstream Urban Tattoo Designs These Days
As stated above, urban tattoo designs are commonly associated with rappers and nowadays have become even more mainstream than before. Usually when gang or ghetto tattoos are done and taken out of context (out of the gangs), they are not the real thing anymore. Different gangs have different tattoo symbols done on their parts of body. These types of gang tattoos are a lot found inside prison, most of them do it in prison by self-made tattoo guns and ink. Tattoos that inmates got done inside prisons are usually unsteady and fuzzy compared to the ones done in professional tattoo parlors. Some said that inside Russian prisons the ink used is made by melted shoe soles, mixed with urines and blood. As scary for us as it might seems, they might not have any other option to do it any other way.

full sleeve urban tattoo designs

5 Photos of the Urban Tattoo Designs in Ghetto Neighborhoods

Graffiti Tattoo Design with Urban StyleGhetto Urban Tattoo Design Style on Sleeveghetto blaster tattoo designsfull sleeve urban tattoo designscool boombox ghetto tattoo design ideas on sleeve

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