Traditional Tattoo Designs for Men

Tattoo designs for men can be used in so many ways, traditional ways or modern ways. More traditional ways of people having tattoos done on their bodies is usually because they need to mark themselves as a symbol when they are living in a tribe. There are a lot of tribes in Indonesia that still uses tattoos to mark their tribe members, for both men and women. Particularly for men they use such tattoos to mark head of tribe, tribe warriors, married men, and boys that are turning into men. Men tattoos in tribes are usually more masculine, so it would make them look stronger and more powerful.

Mentawai Tattoo Designs for Men in The Tribe
All the men in Mentawai tribe would get a tattoo sometime in their life; firstly they would probably get them when they are doing the initiation when they are turning from boys to adult men. They usually have a big party and they will hire someone to do Mentawai tattoo designs for men and for women that are in the initiations and usually get paid by 1 type of animal (usually a chicken or a pig). Animal symbol tattoos are used a lot in this particular tribe as a sign that they have already caught that type of animal, and it usually reflects masculinity, someone that is strong, manly and brave.

Awesome Shoulder Traditional Tribal Tattoo for Men

10 Photos of the Traditional Tattoo Designs for Men

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