The Turtle Tattoo That are Based on Popular Culture and Eastern Myth

Turtle tattoos at first will look odd and strange if used. However, turtle is believed to be a mystical animal from the eastern myth. The turtle is one of the animals that represent the balance of the world. We can see it in eastern myth such as the Japanese myth that includes turtle, tiger, dragon, bird as a symbol of balance. The tiger symbol is called byakko and control earth, the dragon is called seiryuu and control winds, the bird is called suzaku and control fire and finally the turtle is called genbu that control the water elements.

The idea of turtle tattoo design that comes from the eastern myth and legends is to give the user of this tattoo the wisdom and patience of the turtle or genbu. Genbu is considered as a mystical animal that governs the patience, wisdom and self-respect. Therefore people who use the turtle tattoo design will be likely to manifest this feature into their life.

Cool Turtle Tattoo Design on Upper Arm

Other than the eastern myth turtle tattoos design can also be found and discovered from popular culture, one of the most popular culture that can become a basic inspiration for the tattoos design is none other than the teenage mutant ninja turtles, a classic movie where five turtle mutant ninja brother fight against the bad guy. In the present day Megan Fox has been known are doing an act as April o Neil for the upcoming teenage mutant ninja turtles the movie in 2014.

9 Photos of the The Turtle Tattoo That are Based on Popular Culture and Eastern Myth

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