The Purpose of Indian Tattoo Designs

Indian tattoo designs is one of tribe`s tattoos in the world. Surely, every single tribe over the world has their own tattoo designs. Originally, tattoo has been made for traditional purposes not for fashion. Indian tribe made tattoos based on many reasons and purposes. Let`s say Indian painted a tattoo for identification such as indicating an affiliation to specific clan or tribe. Moreover, there are eight purposes in making a tattoo. The first one is for rites of passage, this is like a symbolic marking of important event in someone`s progress in life. Then, the another purpose is for identification, intimidation, mark of status and rank, religious and spiritual tattoos, marks of distinction and honor, power, magic and protection, and the last one is for decoration.

Indian Tattoo Designs Nowadays
There are many people out there especially in America put the tattoo in their body which have the image of Indian people. It is easy for us to recognize their Indian tattoos. Commonly, they use the Indian`s symbols such as crossed arrows, snake, gecko, eagle, Thunderbird,and so on. Those symbols also have meaning like crossed arrows which mean friendship, snake is defiance, eagle is freedom, and etc. There are so many reasons people use Indian tattoo designs. The first is probably to honor their ancestor. Then, Indian tattoo looks great and cool. The last one is to imitate what they saw on movie, story, or artists.

inspiration cherokee indian tattoo designs on half sleeve

12 Photos of the The Purpose of Indian Tattoo Designs

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