The Myth and Legend of Wolf Tattoo Designs

Wolf tattoo designs have been known as one of the most popular tattoo designs and ideas by people. The unique and bold design of the wolf is giving a brave feeling and cool side for people who are using this tattoo design. However, do you know that this tattoo design actually has deeper meaning and can be connected to many kinds of myth and legends from various cultures in this world? Yes, wolf designs are very dominant because it has been used in ancient times by different culture as a mean to reflect myth and legend.

The myth of wolf tattoo designs can be seen and known from the old Indian legends. Indian is a native people from American that believes that there are various spirits in this world and the spirits usually embodies themselves in the form of animal. One of the most respectable spirits by the Indian tradition is the spirits of the hunt that embodies itself in the form of a wolf. Therefore, Indian people believe that wolf tattoo symbolizes bravery, cunning and honor.

Full Back Wolf Tattoo Designs

Other than the Indian myth, we can also see various legends that include wolf as one of its major character. One of the inspirations of wolf tattoo designs can be seen from the Norse mythology. The ancient Norse believes that the end of the world or Ragnarok comes due to the giant wolf fenrir come out and eat the sun and kill the all father Odin. This legend and myth is also has been used by various comic books such as Thor or even video games likes Ragnarok Online.



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18 Photos of the The Myth and Legend of Wolf Tattoo Designs

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