The Money Tattoos Design Phenomenon

Money tattoos designs are an example of the advancement of the art of tattoos. There are several different kinds of tattoos designs, however, tattoos with money picture is quite unique and different from the other designs. What makes these tattoos unique is because it is an expression on how people or human cannot free from the chain of money. Money has become an object that can control the life of many people.

Using the variants of money tattoo designs makes us as a people who criticize the flow of life in this world that has been corrupted by the money. People cannot life without money and may do something terrible to obtain money which is very important to make their life bearable. The designs of money tattoos are quite divergent from the bag of money or even a handful of bucks. However, all of them share the same sentiments which is criticize the life of people that chained by the money.

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Several money tattoo design are quite popular with the hip-hop singer. There are several singers who use money tattoos designs such as 50 cent, and RZA from Wu Tang Clan. Hip-hop music tends to have criticizing lyrics and some of them are also criticizing the facts that money has become the true ruler of humanity. Unique money tattoos designs have become quite divergent in art and style which makes it popular tattoos in this modern day.


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8 Photos of the The Money Tattoos Design Phenomenon

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