The Legendary Sailor Jerry Tattoos Designs

Sailor Jerry tattoos is tattoos designed by a famous and legendary Norman Keith Collins (1911-1973) which is well known for his tattoo design of sailor. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins is a foremost tattoo artist in his time. His inspiration and imaginary of tattoo come when he travels to the Southeast Asia Ocean at the age of 19 when he enlisted as US Navy.

The Characteristic of Sailor Jerry Tattoos
Sailor Jerry Tattoos tend to put certain symbols such as snakes, the infamous “aloha” monkey, bottles of booze, wild cats, falcons, swallows, eagles, weapon such as gun dagger and knives,anchor, nautical stars, mermaid , dice and motor pistons and heads. Those pictures are premises of his sailor live. Most of his designs are the picture of sail boat such as frigate, galleon and line ship. People who are fans of Sailor Jerry know the characteristic of his tattoos. Sailor Jerry Tattoos design looks cartoony and bright.

sailor jerry tattoo with legendary rose designs

Sailor Jerry Product
Sailor Jerry had two apprentices which are then entrusted with his artwork. They both then partnered with a small clothing company from Philadelphia to form Sailor Jerry Ltd and produce various products containing Sailor Jerry Tattoos artwork. They produce playing card, sneakers, and ash trays, shot glasses and such and sell them through the company’s website. The company also produces rum with Sailor Jerry hula girl labeled on the bottle which is sold around the world.

The inventor
Sailor Jerry invented the ink pigment which is safe for skin and also designed formations of needle that does not cause trauma to skin. He also was the first tattooist who use single use needle and use autoclave for sterilization. At the late of his age, people began to copy his Sailor Jerry Tattoos design, so he put the writing “The original Sailor Jerry” on his business card to avoid misunderstanding by people.

sailor jerry tattoos

8 Photos of the The Legendary Sailor Jerry Tattoos Designs

some of sailor jerry tattoossailor jerry tattoossailor jerry tattoo with legendary rose designssailor jerry tattoo designsailor jerry tattoo design with swallowsailor jerry tattoo design ideas with legendary shipLove Neighborhood Tattoo by Sailor Jerryindian design of sailor jerry tattoos

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