The History of Maori Tattoo Designs

Maori tattoo designs is kind of tribal tattoo. This tattoo is comes from New Zealand. Actually, Maori as the founder of this tattoo is not New Zealand people, he comes from Eastern Polynesia. Since Captain James Cook and Joseph Banks fascinated and intrigued by Maori`s tattoo in 1769, they quick promote this tattoo over their friends. But unfortunately, there is no evidence about the time of Maori adopted his art works. Then, there are two terms in maori tattoo. The first terms is moko, moko is kind of facial tattoos and the second terms is related to the process of making the tattoos which called as ta moko.

A Legend of Maori Tattoo Designs
If you are going to New Zealand, you can ask the native about the legend of maori tattoo. But, you do not need to go there, in this article we will tell you about that legend. It is states in many stories that maori tattoo comes from the underworld called Uetonga. Then, there is a young warrior named Mataora who fell in love with Niwareka, the princess of the underworld and the daughter of the king of the underworld. Niwareka`s father taught Mataora about the art of ta moko. Then, Mataora brought ta moko to his people. Since then, maori tattoo designs has been known by many people.

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12 Photos of the The History of Maori Tattoo Designs

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