The Famous Corey Miller Tattoos

Corey Miller Tattoos are famous since his performance on a reality television show entitled L.A. Ink. Corey Miller is a tattoo artist from California. He began tattooing when he was 15 years old in 1982. With 25 years’ experience in tattooing, Corey has inked people from Amsterdam, Japan, Paris and Hawaii. He own a tattoo shop named Six Feet under located in historical downtown Upland, California which is only 45 minutes from Hollywood. The shop was open on 1997. He has many famous clients like Jason Gambi, Jesse James, Mike Portnoy (a former member of Dream Theater), James Hetfield (Metallica Band) and many more.

The dragon art and black and gray portraits or pictures are the characteristic of Corey Miller tattoos. However, his shop “Six Feet Under” is known for Asian theme, tribal and skulls work. The works are influenced by his artists in the shop like Neil Wilson, Henry Powell and Mike Slonaker. The styles of Corey Miller design are traditional and classic. Corey has incredible talent that he draws his tattoo directly onto the skin freehand without using stencil. All Corey Miller tattoos designs are unique and special.

Designs of Corey Miller Tattoos

Corey Miller also designs tribal work. His tribal work is known as Half Vest Tribal Lattice. It is a large tribal lattice tattoo that covering the left quarter of the chest and back to down of left arm. Corey Miller tattoos also features figure such as famous figures of Buddha or celebrity star. He also designs animals and plants. His some famous animal designs are Hummingbirds, Doves, Eagles, Tigers and Dogs.

Other Corey Miller Products

Corey Miller’s shop, Six Feet under, also sells outfits (men and women T-Shirt and Sweatshirt), flash sets, canvas painting and skateboard decks that designed by his tattoo artists with various prices. Corey Miller tattoos and products are unique and special designed.

cool aztec tattoo on left arm by Corey Miller

8 Photos of the The Famous Corey Miller Tattoos

unicorn tattoo design by corey millertribal dragon tattoo by Corey Millertree and owl tattoo design by Corey Millerowl tattoo design on arm by Corey Millercool aztec tattoo on left arm by Corey MillerCherry Tree Tattoo Design by Corey MillerBuddha Tattoo on the Belly by Corey Millerawesome Corey Miller tattoo on sleeve

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