The Exotic Old School Tattoo Designs

Old school tattoo designs are one of the oldest tattoo design in this world before the upcoming of new art in tattoo. In the old times, tattoo is used as a symbol of bravery and achievement for the tattoo user. A good example will be the Indian and native people in America. The tradition of embedding a tattoo can only be used for any elite member of the community that had been accomplished something major.

For example, a tribal tattoo, it has been used by the Samoan people to prove their adulthood and worthiness as a member of the tribe. The exotic old school tattoo designs are different from the modern day tattoo because it is much simpler and the art is not over the top. However, the simple feature of the tattoo making it a valuable achievement for the user because only someone important can get these kinds of tattoo.

colorful old school tattoo design

Other than the tribal tattoo, there are other old school tattoos. For examples, the Japanese old school tattoo designs. even though it is called old school, the Japanese tattoo design are created by a respectable tattoo artist and only a handful people can the honor to receive this kinds of tattoo. We can see various examples of the Japanese old school tattoo designs from the yakuza organization. Many yakuza use unique tattoo as a symbol of their bravery.

10 Photos of the The Exotic Old School Tattoo Designs

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