The Exotic and Unique Sun Tattoo Designs

Sun tattoo designs are quite unique and different from the mainstream tattoo this day. Sun it has been known in some mythology and legends. The most known sun legends is coming from the native Incan and Mayan people in the southern America where the people are worshiping the sun in the ancient ages. They even use human sacrifice as a means to please the sun.

Sun tattoo designs based on mythology are quite exotic piece of arts because it displays the artistry and the charisma of the old myth and legends. Some people are even connecting the sun with the gods itself because without the sun it will be very hard for the plants and animal to grow. People will also be living in misery if there is no sun in this world.

The most used sun tattoo designs that can be found this day is a sun with a face. The face of the sun symbolizes on the mystery of the sun and also the warm love we can found from the sun itself. There is also unique design that quite connected with the sun tattoo such as moon tattoo and other types of unique tattoo that using planets and satellites as its inspiration.



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