The Exotic and Mythical Cat Tattoo Designs

Cat tattoo designs are quite popular and unique this day. However, do you know that in originality cats has become a worshiped animal through the ages? Yes. In ancient Egypt people are worshiping cats because they believe that cats are the ambassador or even the embodiment of the gods itself. Some people in the ancient Egypt are worshiping cats like they are one of the most respectable animals.

This cats worshiping is not ended in the ancient times. In the modern times, cats also being considered as a cute animal and thus it are worshiped (even though in a different way). Some of the most inspired cat tattoo designs that we can found this day is from cartoon and television. Some cartoon character such as tom form the Tom and Jerry is a popular cat tattoo designs choice.

cool cat tattoo design ideas on foot

However, if you want a unique cat tattoo designs you can also choose the more matured version that include mythical reference. The royal cats symbol that are inspired from the ancient Egyptian and some old folktales such as puss in a boots that undergoes reformed artistic form can be a good choice for you that loves cat design. The beauty can also be found in this cats tattoo because cats are considered as a beautiful animal.

22 Photos of the The Exotic and Mythical Cat Tattoo Designs

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