17 Elegant and Mythical Dragon Tattoo Design

Dragon is a mythical beast that originated from several different regions myth, legends and belief. Dragons have different kinds of interpretation in several regions. However, due to their popularity in the myth and legends from various different regions dragon has become a good source of inspiration for the arts of tattooing. Dragon tattoo in some country especially in the East Asia represent wealth and prosperity. This is because dragon is considered as a mythical animal that brings prosperity and wealth. Having a dragon tattoo in our body believed to bring fortune and prosperity.

In some eastern Asia country such as japan, dragon mythical tattoo is commonly used by a high class criminal such as Yakuza. Yakuza paint dragon type animal tattoo on its back as a means to give them strong suggestion. By having a dragon mythical tattoo on its back, Yakuza beliefs that they can act like a dragon, which have wise and brave personality. Dragon is an elegant and powerful mythical beast; due to this feature dragon mythical beast tattoo can only be used by high ranking Yakuza member. Some of the most powerful member or the leader will use this tattoo to represent their authority. Other than dragon tattoo, tiger tattoo and carp tattoo is considered as yakuza favorite tattoo.

Black Flying Tribal Dragon Tattoo for Men

16 Photos of the 17 Elegant and Mythical Dragon Tattoo Design

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