The Classy and Glow in the Dark UV Tattoo Designs

UV tattoo designs are quite popular and have become a new staple in the art of tattoo. The main idea of this tattoo is to provide a new and different feature for the tattoo to make it more mysterious and have a mystical feeling in it. The design of this type of tattoo is almost the same with your ordinary tattoo designs. However, what makes them special and different from the ordinary is because of the glow in the dark feature that makes it very unique.

Many inspirations from the UV tattoo designs usually come from the animal itself. For example is the tiger UV tattoo design. the stripes of the tigers is a feature that makes this animal an exotic one and you can imagine a tiger tattoo designs that are glowing in the dark, which will be very cool and exotic to be looked. Tiger itself are the embodiment of wrath and bravery which will make a good tattoo inspiration.

bizzare uv tattoo design ideas

The weakness of the UV tattoo designs is you cannot make it very detailed just like the ordinary tattoo. However, with the glow in the dark feature this weakness may become obsolete. In conclusion the mystical and magical feeling that radiated from the light of UV tattoo can make you more confident or even give you a sense of majestic that may make you like unique characters with special powers from the comic book.

16 Photos of the The Classy and Glow in the Dark UV Tattoo Designs

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