Temporary Tattoo Removal Products for Children

Temporary tattoo removal by brushing it with soap and water takes longer time and painful for children. There are some products that are more effective than soap and water in removing temporary tattoos. The following products are commonly used to remove temporary tattoos that stick to the skin that do not cause irritation because the material is soft and safe. However, make sure that your children’s skin does not have allergy to some kind of substance in the product.

Temporary Tattoo Removal Using Alcohol
Temporary tattoo removal is easier and faster using alcohol that can be found in your first aid kit box. You only need to prepare Alcohol and cotton. Put alcohol on cotton and rub it on tattoos. Do this several times until tattoos are removed. Temporary tattoo removal with alcohol only takes 30 seconds.

Tribal Temporary Tattoo for Man

Olive Oil for sensitive skin
Olive oil can also be used to remove temporary tattoos. Simply apply olive oil on the tattoo and let it stand for a few minutes. Then rub with a cloth or cotton. Do this several times. Temporary tattoo removal with olive oil is safer than alcohol for children with sensitive skin. Olive oil can be easily found in nearby beauty shops or drug stores.

Baby Oil Products
Baby oil is a favorite choice to remove temporary tattoos on the skin of children. Put baby oil on cotton or cotton swab, and then rub it on tattoos slowly. Do this several times to get maximum results. Rub the skin gently without hurting your child. Temporary tattoo removal using baby oil is also safer and gentle for children’s skin.

Hairspray also removes temporary tattoos
If the temporary tattoos are hard to remove with the above products, you could use hairspray. Spray hairspray on tattoos and let it stand for a few minutes then rub gently with a wet cloth. Tattoos will be removed totally. Temporary tattoo removal using hairspray is also easier to use without having to rub your children’s skin hard.

Tribal Temporary Tattoo for Man

15 Photos of the Temporary Tattoo Removal Products for Children

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