Tattoo Designs for Women Used a Lot on Celebrities

Tattoo designs for women nowadays varied a lot more than it used to be. Women usually opt for a softer tattoo designs such as heart symbol, butterflies, cupid, little birds, beautiful flowers, anything cute and with softer colors. These days though, women such as celebrities don’t always choose things like that for tattoo designs for their body. A lot uses other unique designs such as numbers, stars and other designs that are not commonly picked by others. Celebrities have done such things also to get their bodies tattooed, some maybe to attract more attention from the press, to feel sexier, and some maybe have different and personal meanings for their tattoos such as marriage, something that has to do with their children, or maybe religion.

Tattoo designs for women with personal meanings
Tattoos that a lot of celebrities have today have a lot of personal meanings for them, for example Angelina Jolie made a very unique map tattoo which symbolize where all her adopted children were born. Not many people do what she did; maybe date of birth but not much would make a map of the countries where their children were born at. Star tattoos are lot used in tattoo designs for women, celebrity women in particular on Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan and Kate Hudson. Stars are usually gives the image of the brightness of the celebrity’s careers.

unique japanese tattoos for women

15 Photos of the Tattoo Designs for Women Used a Lot on Celebrities

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