Wolf Tattoos with Dreamcatcher Designs

The Myth and Legend of Wolf Tattoo Designs

Wolf tattoo designs have been known as one of the most popular tattoo designs and ideas by people. The unique and bold design of the wolf is giving a brave feeling and cool side for people who are using this tattoo design. However, do you know that this tattoo design actually has deeper meaning and can be connected to many kinds of myth and legends from various cultures in this […]

Lovely Pretty Flower Tattoo Designs for Women

Pretty Tattoo Designs for Women

Pretty tattoo designs are meant to make women look more feminine and elegant. Many women usually have a flower tattoo on their body, because the meaning of flowers is the joy of life and the pure feeling of love. With the flower on their body, women are seems to express their feeling of a person which wants to be caressed and loved. Then, we have star tattoo design, the design […]

stunning on sleeve hourglass tattoo for men

The Stunning Combination of Hourglass Tattoo Designs

Hourglass Tattoo Designs is a symbol of time which keep ticking any time. Many people say that hourglass designs is amazing because it has deep meaning about the time. For instance, the hourglass with an eye is quite creative. Then, hourglass which has wings is like the reminder to us. For this one, you can add some words that related to time and it is has aesthetic value and surely […]

colorful airbrush tattoo design ideas

Having a Durable Temporary Tattoo Design: Possible or Not?

Children, teenagers, and those working in certain companies are commonly banned of using tattoos on the body. However, for some cases, like small parties, events, or their favorite football-club matches, you may think of making an easy-to-remove tattoo. Thus, temporary tattoo is really suitable for you. You can make custom Temporary tattoo Design, guided by the tattooist and his advices. The benefits of Using Temporary Tattoo People love to use […]

polynesian tribal tattoo designs

The Polynesian Tattoo Designs for Women

Polynesian tattoo designs are one of the types of tattoo that are quite popular in the tattoo community due to its unique designs. Tattoo itself has become famous since there are many artists that improve the tattoo become the great body art designs. People in the past always thinking if draw a tattoo is just for a bad guy. The little community punk is one example of tattoo user, and […]

Eternal Tattoo Supplier Tools

Make Your Own Tattoo by the Help of Kingpitattoosupply

Tattoo has been something attractive, innovative, interesting and captivating. Perhaps some people will argue a lot when talking about tattoo as they think tattoo will represent something bad in the past and something that people should forget in their past events. Tattoo could also the best media for the people to show their high appreciation in art especially in body painting. Body painting or body tattooing can be done by […]