Pretty Red Skull Tattoo Design on Breast for Girls

Intimidating and Elegant Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull tattoo designs are one of the examples of the common tattoo designs which are very popular in this world. The skull tattoo designs itself is quite intimidating at first glance and some of us can even have some bad prejudice against people who are using this tattoo. For instance some of us may think that a person who using a skull tattoo designs as a criminal and bad guy. […]

harley davidson tattoo on arm for men

Harley Davidson Tattoo: A Cool Biker Identity

For biker, showing off to the other people that they are bikers seems like something necessary. They need to show who they are and to which biker club they belong. Look at Harley Davidson biker club and you will find them having many icon of Harley Davidson to be shown, one of them is tattoo. Besides as an art, the bikers consider this Harley Davidson Tattoo as an identity. If […]

awesome hourglass tattoo design on arm for men

The Stunning Combination of Hourglass Tattoo Designs

Hourglass Tattoo Designs is a symbol of time which keep ticking any time. Many people say that hourglass designs is amazing because it has deep meaning about the time. For instance, the hourglass with an eye is quite creative. Then, hourglass which has wings is like the reminder to us. For this one, you can add some words that related to time and it is has aesthetic value and surely […]

Ghetto Urban Tattoo Design Style on Sleeve

Urban Tattoo Designs in Ghetto Neighborhoods

Urban tattoo designs are widely seen in ghetto neighborhoods such as the Bronx in America. Most of these people are commonly associated with rap, hip hop and R&B music style. For example tattoos on Eminem and 50 Cent. Some of the lyrics in Ghetto lyrics even uses wordings such as “show them tattoos when you switch it up” which indicates their likings for tattoos and body inks on their girls. […]

compilations of aztec tattoos designs 2014

Some Aztec Tattoo Designs Used in Mini Comic

Aztec Tattoo designs could be interpreted in so many ways, most are used to be drawn to the body of the warriors/brave-men of the tribes, for ritual symbols, also could be used to differentiate between one tribe members to another. Most of their many symbols include the Aztec sun (most powerful and sacred symbol to the Aztecs), Aztec eagle (symbol used most because eagle flies closest to the sun), and […]

polynesian tattoo designs for men

The Polynesian Tattoo Designs for Women

Polynesian tattoo designs are one of the types of tattoo that are quite popular in the tattoo community due to its unique designs. Tattoo itself has become famous since there are many artists that improve the tattoo become the great body art designs. People in the past always thinking if draw a tattoo is just for a bad guy. The little community punk is one example of tattoo user, and […]