Beautiful Celebrity Angelina Jolie Tattoo Art Design on Arm

20 New Trend of Famous Tattoo Artist Design in 2014

Celebrity and artist are famous public figure, they always be trend setter for fashion style like hair style, nail design, dress or wardrobe design also tattoo design. Have you ever fanciful that you simply have a tattoo created by a famous tattoo artist within the world? Typically tattoo created by world-renowned tattoo artists has its own beauty, better-known a lot of for his work distinctive among the entire opposite tattoo […]

some of sailor jerry tattoos

The Legendary Sailor Jerry Tattoos Designs

Sailor Jerry tattoos is tattoos designed by a famous and legendary Norman Keith Collins (1911-1973) which is well known for his tattoo design of sailor. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins is a foremost tattoo artist in his time. His inspiration and imaginary of tattoo come when he travels to the Southeast Asia Ocean at the age of 19 when he enlisted as US Navy. The Characteristic of Sailor Jerry Tattoos Sailor […]

cool full back irish symbols and meanings

Exotic and Traditional Irish Tattoo designs

Irish tattoo designs are pretty exotic and unique because it is mainly based on the old mythology of ancient Europe. In the ancient times people of Europe especially the northern people are using worshiping the Norse god of pantheon as their deity. The Irish are also the same in the ancient times and some of them even using tattoo as a symbol of their exploit and bravery. The tattoo usually […]

dog paws tattoo on back shoulder

Incredible Dog Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings

If you are a pet-freak, it is a sure thing that you want to make your pet eternal, although it is only by a painting on your skin. Dog, as one of people’s most favorite pets, is a high-rank tattoo requested by so many pet lovers all over the world. Dog Tattoo becomes popular as its various designs and the meaning behind them. What Dog Tattoo Symbolizes? As you know […]

Cute Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Girl

Tattoo Designs for Women Used a Lot on Celebrities

Tattoo designs for women nowadays varied a lot more than it used to be. Women usually opt for a softer tattoo designs such as heart symbol, butterflies, cupid, little birds, beautiful flowers, anything cute and with softer colors. These days though, women such as celebrities don’t always choose things like that for tattoo designs for their body. A lot uses other unique designs such as numbers, stars and other designs […]

Sexy Cat Tattoo Design for Girl on Back

Incredible Tattoo Designs For Girls

Tattoo designs for girls is simply interesting because they will look more pretty when they put it on their body. Since, boys got the tattoo to show off his feeling, thought and identity, girls got it for appreciating something, people or things who they adore to, to be everything what they want to be, to attract another people, as a symbol, and as a fashion. It means tattoo is just […]