tree and owl tattoo design by Corey Miller

The Famous Corey Miller Tattoos

Corey Miller Tattoos are famous since his performance on a reality television show entitled L.A. Ink. Corey Miller is a tattoo artist from California. He began tattooing when he was 15 years old in 1982. With 25 years’ experience in tattooing, Corey has inked people from Amsterdam, Japan, Paris and Hawaii. He own a tattoo shop named Six Feet under located in historical downtown Upland, California which is only 45 […]

head tattoo design mr cartoon

Show Your Admiration to the Mr. Cartoon Tattoos

When you want to learn something or when you want to be served by someone, you might want the best one to teach or to serve you in the best way. No matter how expensive they will be but the results will never be annoying and disappointing. They will be busy look for the one who can serve them in a pleasing way. The same way goes when you want […]

stunning on sleeve hourglass tattoo for men

The Stunning Combination of Hourglass Tattoo Designs

Hourglass Tattoo Designs is a symbol of time which keep ticking any time. Many people say that hourglass designs is amazing because it has deep meaning about the time. For instance, the hourglass with an eye is quite creative. Then, hourglass which has wings is like the reminder to us. For this one, you can add some words that related to time and it is has aesthetic value and surely […]

Dramatic Buddha Tattoo Designs on Chest

20 Inspiring Buddha Tattoo Designs with Cool Style

Budha tattoo designs are one of the common examples of the religious tattoo designs that are quite common to be used by many people regardless of their religion. The symbol in this tattoo designs offers a different kinds of insight for some people. The Buddha tattoo may symbolize specific religion however, Buddha design itself has several important and deep meaning instill into its design. People who wear this tattoo want […]

tattoo cover up ideas pictures before and after on sleeve

Tips for Covering Your Old Tattoo with New One

Everlasting tattoo is troublesome to remove. Though it may be eliminated, the process is painful and it prices a lot cash. In case you are bored along with your tattoo, you may cover it up with the brand new one. The concept of tattoo cover-up is appropriate for individuals who need to change their tattoo. With some creativity, you may renew your tattoo with out removing your older tattoo. You […]

Sexy Inner Lip Tattoo Design Ideas

Amazing Lip Tattoo Concept Designs

Lip tattoo ideas are one in every of the foremost extreme since lip, in fact, isn’t a usual tattooing spot. Oft people can think about you as a crazy person owing to the lip tattoo as they think about it as associate impossible spot for obtaining inked. No matter what folks understand, lip tattoo is obtaining applicable. As a proof, you’ll notice a lot of and a lot of folks […]