Awesome Skull Tattoo Design with Dice

Intimidating and Elegant Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull tattoo designs are one of the examples of the common tattoo designs which are very popular in this world. The skull tattoo designs itself is quite intimidating at first glance and some of us can even have some bad prejudice against people who are using this tattoo. For instance some of us may think that a person who using a skull tattoo designs as a criminal and bad guy. […]

cute peacock feather tattoos on belly

The Aesthetic of Peacock Feather Tattoos

Peacock feather tattoos is the best tattoos design for most people. Peacock, the name of bird is really amazing. This bird has beautiful feather and so colorful. For this reason, people start to imitate the beautiful feather of peacock, then put it on their body. Most people say peacock feather is really amazing. The feather of peacock represent the beauty of the bird. It has much of aesthetic values. Moreover, […]

butterfly tattoo designs with dreamcathcer design

The Magnificent Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Dreamcatcher tattoo designs are one of the examples of a unique body art panting and still exist in the common society. Before we describe about dreamcacther tattoo we need to know that tattoo is using two kinds of paints, first is permanent paint and the second is temporary paint. For people, tattoo is just body art to make the creativity and also to doing some hobby. A tattoo artist usually […]

Cool Dove Birds Tattoo Designs on Side for Men

Bird Tattoo Designs for Both Men and Women

Bird tattoo designs are not particular for a gender, because they could fit perfectly to be used as a design for both male and female. Sailors for example uses the bluebird tattoo too symbolize they have done at least 5,000 miles on the ocean, they usually have two birds facing each other; one is red and one is blue. Justin Bieber also tweeted on his tweeter account that he newly […]

japanese koi fish tattoo designs on full back for women

The Gorgeous Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Koi fish tattoo designs become great tattoo design that is very popular nowadays. Some people become interested in applying this tattoo design because of its gorgeous design. In addition to the design, the design of koi tattoo contains special meaning that makes this tattoo becomes very special for any people. Based on the Chinese culture, Koi is known as an animal that becomes a symbol of fortune. Most of Chinese […]

small red rose tattoo design on arm for sexy girls

21 Red Rose Tattoo Beauty Design

Red rose tattoo is one of the most common tattoo that commonly used by various people in this world. The beauty of having a red colored rose design in our body will make us much more confident in our life. These kinds of tattoo are quite popular among the ladies because of the beautiful design. Rose tattoo itself has a deep meaning which means beauty and survivability. It means that […]