Several Unique Tattoo Ideas based on Popular Culture

Unique tattoo ideas have been a popular choice by many tattoo community. The ideas or design usually comes from different kinds of things such as myth, legend and culture. Due to the complexity of the design, the unique the design’s the more popular the tattoo. A good example of a tattoo design that use unique theme is the tattoo design that are based on the video games character.

There are many kinds of video games that can become a good inspiration for a unique tattoo ideas and design. A good example will be the legacy of Kain series. This video games series was developed by the crystal dynamics game and released by Eidos Company. The story revolves around the exploit of Kain the ultimate vampire that has the destiny to become the scion of balance that will restore the world order. There are many symbol and unique arts that can be sued as unique tattoo designs. The vampiric symbol of each vampire clan has a mystic vibe that will become a cool tattoo design.

Unique Tattoo Ideas on Hips for Women

Other that the video games themed tattoo design, beautiful and unique tattoo ideas can also come from folktales or myth and legend. For examples, if we come to the South American we can see various ancient temples that were built by the ancient Incan or Mayan people. There are many artistic arts that can become an inspiration for unique tattoo design.



Simple Unique Tattoo Design on Leg


12 Photos of the Several Unique Tattoo Ideas based on Popular Culture

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