Polynesian Tattoo Designs Meanings

Polynesian tattoo designs have a lot of different meanings for all their different symbols. One of the most famous Polynesian designs is by using shells when choosing them as a design for their tattoos. Turtle shells for example, because turtle represents longevity, wellness, fertility and space are a lot used by people along with sea shells because they often symbolize in peacefulness, shield, protection and intimacy. One of the celebrities that use this particular tattoo designs is Dwayne Johnson or mostly known by his Hollywood name “The Rock”.

Polynesian Tattoo Designs on “The Rock”
In early 2003, Dwayne traveled to Hawaii to have his family historian tattooist do some tattoos for him. Here are some of the meanings to his Polynesian tattoo designs on his body. The coconut leaves that he has on his upper shoulder means he is a Samoan chief-warrior and the sun that he has near that spot means that he could bring good fortunes for the people that are close to him. Even on his lower left arm he uses turtle shell tattoo described above, because he believes it could be used to deflect evil spirits as a shield and protection. More of this Polynesian tattoo designs has been made popular by other celebrities, but for Dwayne it is more important to have them in his life because he still have Polynesian blood in him.

Polynesian Chest Tattoo Designs

12 Photos of the Polynesian Tattoo Designs Meanings

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