Permanent Lips Tattoo Procedure

Lips tattoo is also known as permanent lips color. This tattoo can improve the appearance for both men and women. The lips will appear more defined and well-shaped with perfect natural color. This permanent lips coloring helps eliminate daily use of lips pencil and lipstick for women. It also helps correct and balance the uneven or asymmetry shape of lips. Have the lips tattooed by professional cosmetic tattoo practitioners and get safety procedure and great result. Determine the designs and colors that you desire most before you get tattooed because it will stain your lips permanently.

Techniques of lips tattoo

There are some methods of lips tattoo. The first method is blended lip liner. This method is perfect for those who want a soft lip liner. It is done by creating a liner on the border of lips then make a shade slightly inward to make a look of worn off lipstick. It is softer and more natural than the regular lip liner. This lips tattoo methods help to balance and correct uneven lip border.
The second method is full lip color with liner. It is suitable for those who want the look of wearing lipstick all day. It is done by creating the lip liner then put color inward the lips. This method of lips tattoo can be combined with lip gloss or put different lipstick color on top. It can also help to fix uneven lips shape and lips borders and balance its thickness.

Quality and Safety Procedures

Tattooing lip is not different with tattooing other part of body. However lip is a sensitive body part that has thinner skin and more blood vessels. Therefore if you want to tattoo your lips, you have to find clinic that is clean and using single use needle and hygiene equipment. It is better to test the ink color by tattooing small area of lips and let it heal for a few weeks. If you are pleased with the test result, you can come back and do whole lips tattoo.

Lips Tattoo Sayings Danger

18 Photos of the Permanent Lips Tattoo Procedure

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