Sexy Cloud Tattoo Designs for Women

The Beauty of Cloud Tattoo Designs

Cloud tattoo designs is the most unique tattoo that people ever had. It is unique because what a inspiration to use cloud as tattoo. As we know that cloud is mass of liquid crystals of water that have been suspended in the atmosphere. The beauty of cloud tattoo is come from the various perspectives about the cloud. In Chinese, clouds are symbol for transformation and transition of a soul. Then, […]

Simple Indian Tattoo Designs on Upper Arm

The Purpose of Indian Tattoo Designs

Indian tattoo designs is one of tribe`s tattoos in the world. Surely, every single tribe over the world has their own tattoo designs. Originally, tattoo has been made for traditional purposes not for fashion. Indian tribe made tattoos based on many reasons and purposes. Let`s say Indian painted a tattoo for identification such as indicating an affiliation to specific clan or tribe. Moreover, there are eight purposes in making a […]

awesome maori tribal tattoo designs on arm

The History of Maori Tattoo Designs

Maori tattoo designs is kind of tribal tattoo. This tattoo is comes from New Zealand. Actually, Maori as the founder of this tattoo is not New Zealand people, he comes from Eastern Polynesia. Since Captain James Cook and Joseph Banks fascinated and intrigued by Maori`s tattoo in 1769, they quick promote this tattoo over their friends. But unfortunately, there is no evidence about the time of Maori adopted his art […]

Lovely Quote Tattoo Design for Girls

Incredible Tattoo Designs For Girls

Tattoo designs for girls is simply interesting because they will look more pretty when they put it on their body. Since, boys got the tattoo to show off his feeling, thought and identity, girls got it for appreciating something, people or things who they adore to, to be everything what they want to be, to attract another people, as a symbol, and as a fashion. It means tattoo is just […]

Unique UV Tattoo Designs on Head

High Risk in Skin Cancer by Doing UV Tattoo Designs

UV tattoo designs have been done more and more these days, because they look pretty cool glow in the dark on their skin. With this being said, there are a lot of downsides in doing UV tattoos on your body too. One of them would be a very high risk of getting high cancer, because of the ingredients the ink uses. Many tattoo artists refuse to work with UV inks […]

Money Bags Tattoo Design on Sleeve

Money Tattoo Designs Using Dollar Signs or Bills

Money tattoo designs comes with varieties such as dollar signs, money bills, money bags, the color green or even just denomination of the money number itself. Having a money tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean you are greedy or money hungry. It could mean that you simply like the simple design of dollar sign. A lot of musician specially rappers and R&B singers also uses this dollar design, which they called “blings” […]

ghetto blaster tattoo designs

Urban Tattoo Designs in Ghetto Neighborhoods

Urban tattoo designs are widely seen in ghetto neighborhoods such as the Bronx in America. Most of these people are commonly associated with rap, hip hop and R&B music style. For example tattoos on Eminem and 50 Cent. Some of the lyrics in Ghetto lyrics even uses wordings such as “show them tattoos when you switch it up” which indicates their likings for tattoos and body inks on their girls. […]