crazy Biomechanical tattoo design ideas on head

The Futuristic Bio Mechanical Tattoo Design

Biomechanical tattoo is a popular tattoo design that is created based on the rise of the science fiction movie. The idea of these themes is to implement the cybernetic limbs and mechanical parts artistic design in our body so we can look more scientific and futuristic. One of the most popular tattoo themes that based on biomechanical design is the robotic tattoo designs idea. The ideas are to implement the […]

snake tattoos for men on chest and full sleeve

The Cunning Snake Tattoos Style Ideas

Snake tattoos are one of the most powerful and cool tattoos design that can be found today. The power of this tattoo design is coming from the basic nature of the snake itself which is cunning, powerful and of course intimidating. There are different types of snake designs that can be used as the main ideas of the tattoo design. For example, if we used a basic tattoo design we […]

Simple Unique Tattoo Design on Leg

Several Unique Tattoo Ideas based on Popular Culture

Unique tattoo ideas have been a popular choice by many tattoo community. The ideas or design usually comes from different kinds of things such as myth, legend and culture. Due to the complexity of the design, the unique the design’s the more popular the tattoo. A good example of a tattoo design that use unique theme is the tattoo design that are based on the video games character. There are […]

Tribal Wolf Tattoo Design Ideas

The Myth and Legend of Wolf Tattoo Designs

Wolf tattoo designs have been known as one of the most popular tattoo designs and ideas by people. The unique and bold design of the wolf is giving a brave feeling and cool side for people who are using this tattoo design. However, do you know that this tattoo design actually has deeper meaning and can be connected to many kinds of myth and legends from various cultures in this […]

Cute Angel Tattoo for Pretty Women on Hip

Pretty Tattoo Designs for Women

Pretty tattoo designs are meant to make women look more feminine and elegant. Many women usually have a flower tattoo on their body, because the meaning of flowers is the joy of life and the pure feeling of love. With the flower on their body, women are seems to express their feeling of a person which wants to be caressed and loved. Then, we have star tattoo design, the design […]

small graffiti tattoos designs for men

Graffiti Tattoo Designs For Men

Graffiti tattoo designs become the main style among tattoo lovers nowadays. Tattoo itself has become the part of people nowadays. The main reason is because tattoo may always provide people with appearance enhancement. If we are talking about tattoo, you may recognize the most about in how people may look for the idea to get the most suitable option of tattoo from the marketplace. In this case, the idea to […]

Classic Small Feather Tattoos on Wrist

Small Wrist Tattoos For Couple

Small wrist tattoo is one of the cool idea. It helps you to look cute and beautiful. Basically, tattoo can put on everywhere in any part of your body. You can put it on your neck, hand, arm, and so on. But, mostly peopel put their tattoos on arm, neck, stomach, and chest. For you who have mate, get a twin tattoo on your wrist and your mate wrist is […]