irish tattoo designs and meanings

Exotic and Traditional Irish Tattoo designs

Irish tattoo designs are pretty exotic and unique because it is mainly based on the old mythology of ancient Europe. In the ancient times people of Europe especially the northern people are using worshiping the Norse god of pantheon as their deity. The Irish are also the same in the ancient times and some of them even using tattoo as a symbol of their exploit and bravery. The tattoo usually […]

simple small superman logo tattoo design

The Heroic Superman Chest Tattoos Design

Superman Chest Tattoos design; it is one of the most popular tattoo designs in this modern day and in the past due to the popularity of the superman. Superman is an alien that comes from the planet krypton and tasked to bring the survivability of his people because he is the only one left from the extinct kryptonian people. The story are developed very good by DC comics and has […]

sexy small fornt shoulder tattoo ideas for women

Good Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Shoulder Tattoos for women are quite divergent in variation because there are many models we can choose from. However, if you want to plan for a good model then you need to choose the best one. Some of the inspiration and ideas you can choose come from different things such as the nature, cartoon, popular culture and even legends or mythology from various country in this world Beautiful shoulder tattoos […]

inspiring cat tattoo design ideas on upper back for women

The Exotic and Mythical Cat Tattoo Designs

Cat tattoo designs are quite popular and unique this day. However, do you know that in originality cats has become a worshiped animal through the ages? Yes. In ancient Egypt people are worshiping cats because they believe that cats are the ambassador or even the embodiment of the gods itself. Some people in the ancient Egypt are worshiping cats like they are one of the most respectable animals. This cats […]

cool bloody diamond tattoo design ideas

The Meaning of Diamond Tattoo Designs

Diamond Tattoo Designs are a good choice of tattoo if you know the deep meaning of the tattoo. The diamond tattoo design has a good meaning that symbolizes wealth, hardship and beauty. Just like the real diamond in this world. A famous diamond can only be found by using hardship and wealth. Diamond is also symbolizing beauty because a diamond is considered as women’s best friends. Therefore diamond is very […]

black octopus tattoo design

Octopus Tattoo Design Based on Legends

Octopus tattoo designs are quite unique and exotic if compared with the mainstream tattoo design this day. The method to implement an octopus animal into your body is quite creative and different from the other animal. Therefore people who are drawing this tattoo must be creative enough to make the octopus tattoo looks unique and interesting. Octopus itself is sea creatures that have eight tentacles or arms that can become […]

cute ankle tattoo design with flower ideas for women

Various Inspirations for Ankle Tattoo Designs

Ankle Tattoo designs is quite divergent and varied. We can try to choose different types of themes as the basic idea for our ankle tattoo. Some of the ideas and inspiration can come from different picture, ideas or even culture. One of the most basic ideas that we can use is the nature itself. For examples, we can try to implement a flower tattoo into our ankle. There are many […]