sexy side tattoo with bird style

Various Bird Tattoo Designs from Different Culture

Bird tattoo designs have been known in almost different country and culture from around the world. The purpose in making a bird tattoo is to give an expression of freedom just like the life of a bird. A bird is an animal that does not chained by the gravity so the main idea of the tattoo is to give a perspective of a freedom for the user of this tattoo. […]

lower back red rose tattoos

The Wonderful Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Lower back tattoo designs is one of the most common tattoo that being used by various people especially the community that loves tattoo. In this day, tattoo is become the body art tattoo since in the past tattoo is show about the naughty society like punk. But, tattoo can become the art since there are many beautiful designs. Hand and sleeve is two body parts that become the favorite place […]

polynesian tattoo designs and meanings

The Polynesian Tattoo Designs for Women

Polynesian tattoo designs are one of the types of tattoo that are quite popular in the tattoo community due to its unique designs. Tattoo itself has become famous since there are many artists that improve the tattoo become the great body art designs. People in the past always thinking if draw a tattoo is just for a bad guy. The little community punk is one example of tattoo user, and […]

awesome dreamcatcher tattoo ideas for sexy women

The Magnificent Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Dreamcatcher tattoo designs are one of the examples of a unique body art panting and still exist in the common society. Before we describe about dreamcacther tattoo we need to know that tattoo is using two kinds of paints, first is permanent paint and the second is temporary paint. For people, tattoo is just body art to make the creativity and also to doing some hobby. A tattoo artist usually […]

awesome 3d star tattoo design ideas

The Example of Tattoo Designs for Men

Tattoo designs for men are one body art decoration that can make people who use it looks more stylish. There are two kinds of tattoo, first is Permanent Tattoo and the second is Temporary Tattoo. Usually tattoo is apply by women and place in the covered body like back, belle or on their sleeve, but men also use the tattoo so that men can looks more stylish. Sleeve is one […]

sexy dragon tattoo designs for women on breast

The Beautiful Tattoo Designs for Women

Tattoo designs for women is one body decoration that can make the people body look more beautiful. Tattoo maybe the new body decoration in this new era because in the past, tattoo is just for bad people such as punk and underground community. But, nowadays, tattoo is just body art decoration and has many beautiful design color, and model. There are many examples of tattoo designs for women that can […]

awesome basketball tattoo design on upper back for men

The Popular Basketball Tattoo designs

Basketball tattoo designs are quite popular among the basketball player or basketball lover as a means to introduce their love and respect for the unique and enjoyable basketball sports. There are various basketball designs that can be used as a tattoo to inspire spirit and motivation to become the winner in the basketball competition. Of course in order to make a good basketball tattoo we need a good inspiration and […]