Cute Tattoo Bot Buddies on Neck

Temporary Tattoo Removal Products for Children

Temporary tattoo removal by brushing it with soap and water takes longer time and painful for children. There are some products that are more effective than soap and water in removing temporary tattoos. The following products are commonly used to remove temporary tattoos that stick to the skin that do not cause irritation because the material is soft and safe. However, make sure that your children’s skin does not have […]

Mithra Tattoo Supply

Make Your Own Tattoo by the Help of Kingpitattoosupply

Tattoo has been something attractive, innovative, interesting and captivating. Perhaps some people will argue a lot when talking about tattoo as they think tattoo will represent something bad in the past and something that people should forget in their past events. Tattoo could also the best media for the people to show their high appreciation in art especially in body painting. Body painting or body tattooing can be done by […]

Blue Fairy Tattoo Design on Back for Young Girls

Tattoo Designs for Women Used a Lot on Celebrities

Tattoo designs for women nowadays varied a lot more than it used to be. Women usually opt for a softer tattoo designs such as heart symbol, butterflies, cupid, little birds, beautiful flowers, anything cute and with softer colors. These days though, women such as celebrities don’t always choose things like that for tattoo designs for their body. A lot uses other unique designs such as numbers, stars and other designs […]

Cool 3D Iron Nails Tattoo Designs for Men on Shoulder

Several Popular Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder tattoos are one of the popular tattoo ideas for any gender either it male or female. There are many different kinds of ideas and inspiration to make a good shoulder tattoo. For examples, you can try to use the mythical beast or legendary animal designs as your tattoo ideas for your shoulder. There are many kinds of different legendary animal such as dragons, phoenix or even the intimidating chimera […]

gothic hourglass tattoo design ideas for women on upper back

The Stunning Combination of Hourglass Tattoo Designs

Hourglass Tattoo Designs is a symbol of time which keep ticking any time. Many people say that hourglass designs is amazing because it has deep meaning about the time. For instance, the hourglass with an eye is quite creative. Then, hourglass which has wings is like the reminder to us. For this one, you can add some words that related to time and it is has aesthetic value and surely […]

Bird Tattoo Design with Tribal Style on Hips for Men

Bird Tattoo Designs for Both Men and Women

Bird tattoo designs are not particular for a gender, because they could fit perfectly to be used as a design for both male and female. Sailors for example uses the bluebird tattoo too symbolize they have done at least 5,000 miles on the ocean, they usually have two birds facing each other; one is red and one is blue. Justin Bieber also tweeted on his tweeter account that he newly […]

full body uv tattoo design ideas with glow in the dark

The Classy and Glow in the Dark UV Tattoo Designs

UV tattoo designs are quite popular and have become a new staple in the art of tattoo. The main idea of this tattoo is to provide a new and different feature for the tattoo to make it more mysterious and have a mystical feeling in it. The design of this type of tattoo is almost the same with your ordinary tattoo designs. However, what makes them special and different from […]