Awesome Lip Tattoo Ideas Disegns

Amazing Lip Tattoo Concept Designs

Lip tattoo ideas are one in every of the foremost extreme since lip, in fact, isn’t a usual tattooing spot. Oft people can think about you as a crazy person owing to the lip tattoo as they think about it as associate impossible spot for obtaining inked. No matter what folks understand, lip tattoo is obtaining applicable. As a proof, you’ll notice a lot of and a lot of folks […]

pretty red rose with black leaves tattoo design on shoulder

Symbolisms Lay Inside Red Rose Tattoo

In general, it cannot be denied that Red Rose Tattoo looks so beautiful, especially because of the really brave red color. Even if it is so, this tattoo can be seen not only from the beauty that it has. Instead, it can also be seen from the symbolisms that lay in it. Here are some of all symbol isms in Red Rose Tattoo design. A Symbol of Love The first […]

cool star tattoo design on lower back for girl

Lower Back Tattoo Designs on Girls

Lower back tattoo designs are a lot used on girls rather than on guys because girls think it would be sexy by using crow tops and low-rise jeans and when they sit somehow they could reveal their tattoo that they have back there. This type of tattoo done in the lower back is usually called the “tramp stamp” tattoo. Not a nice name for a tattoo we know, but sometime […]

beautiful tattoo designs on hip for girls

15 Girly Tattoos Designs for Girls

Tattoos designs for girls have many designs that can be chosen for some reasons. Some girls want to apply girly tattoo design to improve their appearance. Besides, they also like to choose some tattoos that contain important meaning which is related with their life. Thus, those reasons become the main reason why any women become interested in applying tattoo. Although, it is very fishy when we see girl with tattoo, […]

tribal celtic tattoo design ideas for men

The Mystical and Mysterious Celtic Tattoo Designs

Celtic tattoo designs are considered as one of the oldest tattoo design in the ancient culture of Europe history. Celtic culture is known in the history as one of the culture that tries to life in harmony with the nature. Some of the design usually uses unique and special drawing technique that resembling the root of the tree or some nature inspired tattoo designs. Celtic culture itself is a unique […]

Cool Turtle Tattoo Design on Upper Arm

The Turtle Tattoo That are Based on Popular Culture and Eastern Myth

Turtle tattoos at first will look odd and strange if used. However, turtle is believed to be a mystical animal from the eastern myth. The turtle is one of the animals that represent the balance of the world. We can see it in eastern myth such as the Japanese myth that includes turtle, tiger, dragon, bird as a symbol of balance. The tiger symbol is called byakko and control earth, […]

Sexy Tattoos Quotes with Infinity Style on Upper Back

Top Sexy Tattoos Designs for Women

Sexy tattoos designs are very attractive. Many women become interested in applying sexy tattoo since they believe that it can improve their appearance. In addition to the appearance, many women also believe that it can also make them become sexier in front of the man that they love. There are many designs of sexy tattoo that can be chosen from flower until some combinations of sexy tattoo. Some women also […]