Black Romantic Tattoo Quote on Back

20 Inspirational Tattoo Quotes

Sometimes people can get their life inspiration and motivations from tattoo quotes on other people bodies. This tattoo design becomes popular because of its inspirational and memorable expressions. People who have this kind of tattoos mostly are teens. They love taking quotes from famous figures and show it off to public as their mind expressions. They are also inked their selves with this kind of tattoo to remember their special […]

50 cent tattoo design ideas

Why 50 Cent Tattoos Removed?

50 cent tattoos is known as contemporary style. Under his belly he has the head of Devils tattoo on the left side and head of Jesus tattoo on the right side. 50 cent also has word “Beau” tattoo on his neck and words “Southside”, 50 and Cold world tattoos on his back. While on his right outer bicep, there is a Battle Axe with Marquise tattoos. Warrior tattoos is on […]

model from tattoo convension

Americas Tattoo Conventions

For those who like to see anything about tattooing world up and close, they can come to tattoo conventions. The conventions are place for tattoo artists and enthusiasts gathering. The first world tattoo convention was held in Houston, Texas on April 24-25, 1976. The event was held by President of the North American Tattoo Club named Dave Yurkew. The conventions were held from small to major international events sponsored by […]

awesome Corey Miller tattoo on sleeve

The Famous Corey Miller Tattoos

Corey Miller Tattoos are famous since his performance on a reality television show entitled L.A. Ink. Corey Miller is a tattoo artist from California. He began tattooing when he was 15 years old in 1982. With 25 years’ experience in tattooing, Corey has inked people from Amsterdam, Japan, Paris and Hawaii. He own a tattoo shop named Six Feet under located in historical downtown Upland, California which is only 45 […]

stone of sun in 3d tattoo design ideas

Top 3D Tattoo Designs Software – 3D Tattoo Preview by Obsessive Ink

3D tattoo designs software allow you to see the picture before you apply it. The software helps you review the design and change it as you desired. Actually, tattoo is more awesome and interesting when in 3D designs. 3D tattoos require a skillfully artists for they can make realistic form of designed picture. This body art is very beautiful and costive as well. It is commonly used among teenagers and […]

sailor jerry tattoo design

The Legendary Sailor Jerry Tattoos Designs

Sailor Jerry tattoos is tattoos designed by a famous and legendary Norman Keith Collins (1911-1973) which is well known for his tattoo design of sailor. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins is a foremost tattoo artist in his time. His inspiration and imaginary of tattoo come when he travels to the Southeast Asia Ocean at the age of 19 when he enlisted as US Navy. The Characteristic of Sailor Jerry Tattoos Sailor […]

black tribal fox tattoo design ideas on arm

Get Inked with Fox Racing Tattoos

Fox Racing tattoos is a tattoo design using Fox Racing logo. Fox Racing (Fox Head, Inc.) is a brand for motocross gear, footwear, eyewear, clothing and bags. This company was founded in 1974 by Geoff Fox and Peter Fox. The head quarter of the company is in Irvine, California. Fox Racing built its business by developing products for motocross and racing engines for Yamaha. Today this company has become most […]