awesome sailor tattoos on art for men

History of Tattoos of the Sailors

History of tattoos began over 5000 years ago. It was first originated found on walls not on human skins. The word tattoo itself derived from the Polynesian word “ta” which means striking something and Tahitian word “tatau” which means marking something. Tattoos began discovered on human skin in Egypt. In 1891, archaeologists discovered the Egyptian female mummy that was believed as a priestess of the goddess Hathor, who lived at […]

skyline of new york tattoo design ideas

Famous New York Tattoo shops

New York has the most population in the United States. It is the center of economic, fashion, entertainment, education, and art including tattoo. There are a lot of New York tattoo shops in the city. They vary in style, design, creativity and safety. But do not worry, all tattoo shop and artist in New York has met the standard of safety and medical in tattooing and most of them provide […]

pretty elephant tattoo designs on back for women

Cute and Beautiful Elephant Tattoo Designs for Women

Elephant tattoo designs are now become popular design among women because of its cuteness and spiritual meanings. Elephant symbolizes strength, wisdom, nobility, love, kindness, compassion, devotion and prosperity. Every symbol of elephants in every culture or religion has different meaning. In India, elephant is a Hindu god named Ganesha. Ganesha is believed as a wisdom, discernment and prosperity god. While to Buddha, elephant symbolize truth, peace, love, compassion and kindness. […]

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Meaningful Tattoos of Celebrities

Popular stars or celebrities are familiar with their stylish meaningful tattoos look. Some celebrities choose lyrics, symbols and quotes tattoos that have meaning to them as remembrance of their faiths and beliefs of certain things. The tattoos are also considered as creativity, work of arts and self-expression. These following popular stars have tattoos that meaningful for them on their body. Johnny Depp Attractive Tattoos Johnny Depp is a famous movie […]

Awesome Car Flame Tattoo Design Ideas on Sleeve

Best and Inspirational Car Tattoos Designs

Car tattoos are a symbol of dedication, love, passion and desire to a car. People who love car will have it as their tattoo and will be glad to pay much for its great designs. However, other reasons are because car is considered as engineering works of art, symbol of metallic power, adventure and personal identity. Car enthusiasts love to be tattooed with their personal favorite type of cars. They […]

lips of tattoo on arm

Permanent Lips Tattoo Procedure

Lips tattoo is also known as permanent lips color. This tattoo can improve the appearance for both men and women. The lips will appear more defined and well-shaped with perfect natural color. This permanent lips coloring helps eliminate daily use of lips pencil and lipstick for women. It also helps correct and balance the uneven or asymmetry shape of lips. Have the lips tattooed by professional cosmetic tattoo practitioners and […]

cute tattoo lily flower design ideas

Beauty and Meaningful Birth Month Flowers Tattoos

Birth month flowers tattoos are different and permanent way to show someone’s birthday. Like the birthstone, birth month flowers are special flower assigned to each month. Flower and tattoo have a lot of common things on its beautiful designs and in the way they express the feelings and emotions. Both of them also have a meaning behind it. Tattoos with flowers designs are mostly done with bright colors and bold […]