fish koi full body tattoo design ideas for women

20 Inspiring Full Body Tattoo Ideas from Different Media

Tattoo has become one of the most popular body decorations that can gives us various benefits such as confidence, artistic personality and many more. For some people, having some tattoo is quite enough to enhance their appearance. However, the other people on certain part of this world prefer a more hardcore and difficult full body tattoo. Making a full body tattoo is not an easy task to do for both […]

lovely couple black tribal dolphin tattoo designs

15 Inspiring Eastern Water Tattoo Design

Water is a unique substance in our world that has the most quantity. Yes, earth has the most water sources than other planets. Due to this, reason water can be considered as one of the most important things in the world. The other reason that makes water important is because no living beings in this world can life without source of water. Thus water is considered as the source of […]

Great Skulls and Dragon Tattoo Designs for Men

17 Elegant and Mythical Dragon Tattoo Design

Dragon is a mythical beast that originated from several different regions myth, legends and belief. Dragons have different kinds of interpretation in several regions. However, due to their popularity in the myth and legends from various different regions dragon has become a good source of inspiration for the arts of tattooing. Dragon tattoo in some country especially in the East Asia represent wealth and prosperity. This is because dragon is […]

Red Rose and Tattoo Design Ideas

21 Red Rose Tattoo Beauty Design

Red rose tattoo is one of the most common tattoo that commonly used by various people in this world. The beauty of having a red colored rose design in our body will make us much more confident in our life. These kinds of tattoo are quite popular among the ladies because of the beautiful design. Rose tattoo itself has a deep meaning which means beauty and survivability. It means that […]

Red and Black Tribal Tattoo Design Ideas

Tribal Tattoo Popularity among People

If we are discussing about tattoo and its related terms, the first thing that comes into the minds of common people will be a pack of gangster or villain in some action movie. However, the truth to be told is tattoo in the present day act as a means to express one personality and creativity. Tattoo can be considered as new arts that have the same level with the other […]

Creative Cancer Tattoo On Chest

Amazing Cancer Zodiac Tattoo Styles

Believing that pseudoscience forecast can cause you to believe zodiac, zodiac forecasts even believe you’ll pour a tattoo. many folks have cancer zodiac tattoo lovers who believe prophecy creation by making a vent zodiac cancer tattoo on his body, aside from most well-liked by several tattoo lovers thanks to the various those who have a tattoo; tattoo styles have a spread of shapes therefore enthused by lovers tattoo. To have […]

Awesome 3D Tattoo Design Ideas

Awesome 3D Tattoos for Men

Look female and cute isn’t continually the need of the ladies, and even men can also look cute and female. Twiddling with a tattoo to indicate the impression you’ll get from 3D man tattoo which will show a distinct impression of your fashionable appearance. 3D show for a tattoo to be terribly completely different from the standard tattoo as a result of you may be twiddling with the individuality of […]