cool eye tattoo design ideas on back

The Importance of Cool Tattoo Design on Your Self-Confidence

A tattoo can make someone feel confident but it can also make the user embarrassed. It all depends on the design, quality, and the placement of the tattoo. Cool and adorable tattoo is everyone’s dream. Because of this, there are many things should be concerned with in choosing Cool Tattoo Design. Why Is It Important to Choose Cool Tattoo Design? One important thing is that a tattoo is a reflection […]

Engraved 3D Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design on Sleeve

Choose Your Correct Chinese Symbol Tattoos: the Do’s and Don’ts

Creating Chinese Symbol Tattoos is very popular in western countries, especially in Europe. It is involving a word or characters in Chinese language or symbol attached in certain parts of your body: arms, forearms, chest, back, foot, etc. However, minimum knowledge of Chinese language evokes a new problem: wrong meaning (or even meaningless) and wrong written tattoos. Due to this reason, you must know how to get correct Chinese Symbol […]

chest tattoo with hibiscus flower tattoo design

Chest Tattoo Style Empowering Both Masculinity and Beauty

Almost every part of your body skin is a blank canvas for carving creativity in the form of tattoos. Chest, as one of the painful places to put a tattoo, provides wider space for you to develop your creativity. Chest Tattoo Style varies depending on the users’ taste. Tattoo is a reflection of the user’s soul and personality. Thus, the Chest Tattoo Style for men and women can be different. […]

Cool Celebrity Tattoos of Dwayne Johnson with Aztec Tribal Design on Sleeve

Why Celebrities Love and Hate Their Tattoo Design?

Not only common people, celebrities also have such tattoos in their body as one of the sources of attraction. Many celebrities’ tattoos are famous among public, but some are not. Celebrity Tattoo Design is commonly derived from the personal perspective of the user. Thus, most celebrities admit that the tattoos they attach to their body are all meaningful for their privacy. Celebrities’ Tattoo Choosing Many celebrities use their body as […]

eagle of azter tattoo on back for men

Tribal Tattoo Meanings and Functions from Time to Time

Tribal Tattoo is the most famous tattoo design than others. Most people choose this tattoo design to be applied on their skin due to the masculine impression brought by this design. However, how far you know about this tattoo design? The Origin Functions A long time ago, Tribal Tattoo was used to show someone’s identity of a certain tribe, religion, and also spiritual belief. This tattoo was also used to […]

Sexy Zodiac Tattoo of Cancer on Back for Women

Zodiac Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Making zodiac tattoo designs is now becoming something that quite popular since it is unique and beautiful. For you who love to have tattoos on your body, you can try to make the attractive zodiac tattoo design on your body just to show your blessed zodiac. The zodiac tattoo is not only suitable for men, but it will also be very beautiful for women. Just find out this information about […]

small tree tattoo design on neck for female

Wonderful Small Tattoo Designs for Women

In this very modern and free era, women can voice their own desire such as tattoos easier. Maybe you will find that it is quite weird and taboo for a woman to have a tattoo on her body, but now you can see that there are many women who have tattoo that adorn to their body. If you want to make a small tattoo that will look beautiful but not […]