Why So Serious Joker Tattoo Meaning

Joker Tattoo: Scary or Cute Instead?

Joker is one of many characters in Batman movie that people choose to be tattooed on their body. People love this fictional character because he is known as an intelligent criminal who is so tricky and full of ideas. Tattooing this Joker Tattoo on their body means showing how smart and scary they are. But, don’t you know that even though the real look of Joker is scary, there is […]

Sexy Kanji Tattoo Design on Back for Woman

Feel Your Lover on Your Body with Japanese Kanji Tattoo Design

Love is a never ending material to be talked. It makes people feel happy, alive, grateful and broken, frustrated, desperate as well. For them who are in love and feel the sweetness of love, there are many ways they do to express their feeling toward their lover, one of them is tattooing their lover’s name on their body. To make the name more artistic and a little bit secret, you […]

black eagle harley davidson tattoo design

Harley Davidson Tattoo: A Cool Biker Identity

For biker, showing off to the other people that they are bikers seems like something necessary. They need to show who they are and to which biker club they belong. Look at Harley Davidson biker club and you will find them having many icon of Harley Davidson to be shown, one of them is tattoo. Besides as an art, the bikers consider this Harley Davidson Tattoo as an identity. If […]

Unique Complete Full Body Tattoo Designs with Skull Style for Women

Unique Full Body Tattoo: Mythological and Word Nerd Tattoo

In some part of the world, there are many people who love tattoo and they can’t just get enough with it. Once they tattoo themselves, they want it more and more. Finally, they tend to tattoo their whole body parts. Every tattoo on their body represents something more than just a picture. It means their characters, dreams, happiness, disappointment, etc. In short, for them, tattoo means life. For the style […]

Famoius Synyster gates tattoo design

Joey Hamilton and Chris Garcia: A Realistic Famous Tattoo Artist

Tattooing now has become a profession, not only for the sake of fun. Many people make money from tattoo. The tattoo artists then are widely spread in every corner of the world. They earn living from this job. But, behind it, their loves to the art of tattoo still become the first reason why they jump to this field. Here are Joey Hamilton, a famous Tattoo Artist whose style is […]

great tribal dragonfly tattoo design on back of shoulder

A Hot Girl with Dragonfly Tattoo

A girl with the dragon tattoo, who doesn’t know this movie? Well, I guess everybody does. Lizbeth, the main character of the movie has a dragon tattoo on her back. That is so exotic, powerful yet beautiful at the same time. Dragon tattoo may be too masculine for some girlish women. Instead, you can swift to a dragonfly tattoo. It will be very cute and beautiful as well. Compared to […]

pitbull tattoo design on back for men

Incredible Dog Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings

If you are a pet-freak, it is a sure thing that you want to make your pet eternal, although it is only by a painting on your skin. Dog, as one of people’s most favorite pets, is a high-rank tattoo requested by so many pet lovers all over the world. Dog Tattoo becomes popular as its various designs and the meaning behind them. What Dog Tattoo Symbolizes? As you know […]