unique polynesian tattoo design ideas on legs

Awesome Samoan Tattoo Designs in Family Tribe

Samoan tattoo designs are not just designs you use as a random tattoo designs, especially for Samoan tribe or a Samoan born, these type of tattoo design brought up in generations by their ancestors are sacred for the. This is known for a fact that if you are born with a Samoan or Polynesian blood in you, when you reached certain age, you will get a symbolic tattoo usually on […]

Unique Red Feather Tattoo Design on Back

How to Pick a Feather Tattoo Designs

Feather tattoo designs are the best design for you that adore freedom and love, and want to ink it on your body. Choosing a design or a feather bird itself isn’t an easy task, because there are so many birds’ feathers you can choose from. Different birds’ feathers have different meanings if you are going to have their feathers inked on your body. Some people could choose to have the […]

Awesome Maori Polynesian Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas for Man

Most Popular Half Sleeve Tattoo designs

Half Sleeve Tattoo designs come with a lot of pictures and styles. Most of the popular ones amongst them are the tribal ones, black sleeve design, and Maori Polynesian tattoo design. This type of tattoo is called half sleeve, because it only covers the top part of your arm and not full arm. The designs or colors used for half sleeve tattoo designs are usually very much in contrast with […]

Religious Cross and Bird Tattoo Designs

R.I.P. Cross Tattoos Designs Concept

R.I.P cross tattoo designs is usually used as remembrance for the passing of loved ones. It could be family members (mom, dad, sister, brother, grandmother/grandfather, son, daughter), it could also be maybe for pets that you love such as dogs or cats or even in remembrance for the passing of their most favorite celebrities. They are mostly done in black and white because of the darker color and shadings the […]

Unique Aztec Tattoon Design on Lower Back

Some Aztec Tattoo Designs Used in Mini Comic

Aztec Tattoo designs could be interpreted in so many ways, most are used to be drawn to the body of the warriors/brave-men of the tribes, for ritual symbols, also could be used to differentiate between one tribe members to another. Most of their many symbols include the Aztec sun (most powerful and sacred symbol to the Aztecs), Aztec eagle (symbol used most because eagle flies closest to the sun), and […]

Lovely Koi Fish Tattoo Designs on Rib

The Gorgeous Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Koi fish tattoo designs become great tattoo design that is very popular nowadays. Some people become interested in applying this tattoo design because of its gorgeous design. In addition to the design, the design of koi tattoo contains special meaning that makes this tattoo becomes very special for any people. Based on the Chinese culture, Koi is known as an animal that becomes a symbol of fortune. Most of Chinese […]

Quarter Sleeve Tribal Owl Tattoo Design Ideas

Magnificent Owl Tattoo Designs

Owl tattoo designs are another attractive tattoo design that has unique characteristic than other tattoo. Some people always try to find another tattoo design that is unique and it is never used by other people. Thus, owl design becomes great idea for them. Based on the symbol, owl is a kind of animal that is identical with mysterious characteristic. In addition to mysterious, owl is also known as a night […]