Heart and Bird of Old School Tattoo Designs on Upper Back for Girls

Common Old School Tattoo Designs

Old school tattoo designs usually feature bold blue and black outlines filled with solid red and greens with little to no shading at all. One of the most famous tattoo artist for this particular type of tattoo design is BoB Shaw (1926-1993), he was an American tattoo artist that learned how to do tattooing from Bert Grimm in St. Louis and later also worked with Grimm and became the president […]

Maori Polynesian Tattoo Designs on Arm

Polynesian Tattoo Designs Meanings

Polynesian tattoo designs have a lot of different meanings for all their different symbols. One of the most famous Polynesian designs is by using shells when choosing them as a design for their tattoos. Turtle shells for example, because turtle represents longevity, wellness, fertility and space are a lot used by people along with sea shells because they often symbolize in peacefulness, shield, protection and intimacy. One of the celebrities […]

Awesome Dream Cathcer Tattoo Design Ideas

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs Used in Movie

Dream catcher tattoo designs itself usually is done with the design of a circle with nets inside of it and below it there’s feathers attached to the circle. There are a lot of different meanings in myths about this dream catcher design. One of them is to catch people’s dream and filter them from the good ones and the bad ones. The tattoo designs when done properly can look very […]

Awesome Traditional Chest Tattoo Designs for Men

Traditional Tattoo Designs for Men

Tattoo designs for men can be used in so many ways, traditional ways or modern ways. More traditional ways of people having tattoos done on their bodies is usually because they need to mark themselves as a symbol when they are living in a tribe. There are a lot of tribes in Indonesia that still uses tattoos to mark their tribe members, for both men and women. Particularly for men […]

nice tarantula spider web tattoo design ideas

20 Cool Spider Web Tattoo Designs

Spider web tattoo designs are one of the cool and creative tattoo designs for any tattoo fan. The most notable and artistic feature from this tattoo designs is located in the shape of the web and the spider embedded into the web. The spider itself usually is designed with several different variant and shape to make sure that the tattoo design looks cool and artistic at the same time. Spider […]

Cute Finger Tattoos Ideas with Name Designs

Finger Tattoo Ideas to Make your Appearance Cool

Finger tattoo ideas are quite popular in the western country where tattoo are considered as a certain type of arts. There are many kinds of different ideas that you can try to use for your finger tattoo. You can try to use the popular movie theme as your tattoo ideas, some unique symbol and design from fantasy novel or even your favorite character in the comic book. The variety ideas […]

awesome full sleeve tibetan buddha tattoo design for girl

20 Inspiring Buddha Tattoo Designs with Cool Style

Budha tattoo designs are one of the common examples of the religious tattoo designs that are quite common to be used by many people regardless of their religion. The symbol in this tattoo designs offers a different kinds of insight for some people. The Buddha tattoo may symbolize specific religion however, Buddha design itself has several important and deep meaning instill into its design. People who wear this tattoo want […]