Octopus Tattoo Design Based on Legends

Octopus tattoo designs are quite unique and exotic if compared with the mainstream tattoo design this day. The method to implement an octopus animal into your body is quite creative and different from the other animal. Therefore people who are drawing this tattoo must be creative enough to make the octopus tattoo looks unique and interesting. Octopus itself is sea creatures that have eight tentacles or arms that can become their weapon and tools to eat.

The basic ideas of octopus tattoo designs are come from the middle age century where human has try to explore the world using the ships. Some of the pirate or even navy are using this tattoo as a means to make them much more intimidating for their shipmate. The octopus itself in the middle age is considered to be a mythological animal.

black octopus tattoo design

The huge size and weird form of the octopus is making octopus as one of the most feared animal in the sea. Some sailors are even making a legend and myth about a gigantic octopus that rules the deep seas. The giant octopus is believed to be the attendant of the sea god Poseidon or Neptune and called the kraken. This mythical animal has become a basic inspiration for any octopus tattoo designs especially one that use Greek based myth.

16 Photos of the Octopus Tattoo Design Based on Legends

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