Money Tattoo Designs Using Dollar Signs or Bills

Money tattoo designs comes with varieties such as dollar signs, money bills, money bags, the color green or even just denomination of the money number itself. Having a money tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean you are greedy or money hungry. It could mean that you simply like the simple design of dollar sign. A lot of musician specially rappers and R&B singers also uses this dollar design, which they called “blings” for their accessories. Something like a gold big chain necklace hanging on their neck is something that you would see on them. In some of them, they sometime do have dollar sign tattooed on their body too.

Expensive Full Sleeve Money Tattoo Designs
No tattoos are cheap, that is for sure especially if you are thinking of doing a full sleeve tattoo on your or arms or legs. Money tattoo design could be used as an idea if you want to have a full sleeve tattoo. You will need to have a nice design for it of course, or you can ask your tattoo artist for some ideas on them. More money is expected when you are thinking of having full sleeve tattoo, because then other than the design itself it would take longer for the artist to do it on you, which means more money that you have to spend on them. Because of the size of the sleeve tattoo, this particular type of tattoo is usually done in more than one tattooing session. R&B artists are usually the one with full sleeves or even using money tattoo designs.

awesome dollar money tattoo designs

10 Photos of the Money Tattoo Designs Using Dollar Signs or Bills

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