Meaningful Tattoos of Celebrities

Popular stars or celebrities are familiar with their stylish meaningful tattoos look. Some celebrities choose lyrics, symbols and quotes tattoos that have meaning to them as remembrance of their faiths and beliefs of certain things. The tattoos are also considered as creativity, work of arts and self-expression. These following popular stars have tattoos that meaningful for them on their body.

Johnny Depp Attractive Tattoos
Johnny Depp is a famous movie star that is known for his eccentric role in his every movie. He has a meaningful tattoo on his shoulder with the inscription of “Wine is good”. It is actually a change from his previous tattoo written “Winona Forever”. He changes his tattoo since he broke up with actress Winona Ryder. He also has another tattoo picture of a sparrow flying over water and the name of Jack under it. It is a meaningful tattoo of his character “Captain Jack Sparrow” in his movie “Pirates of Caribbean” which make him famous.

small meaningdul tattoo ideas on wrist for men

Pink’s meaningful tattoo
Pink is a famous singer who has been writing most of her songs. Her songs are inspired women to be strong and though. Pink is reported to have more than 20 tattoos of various styles and sizes on all of her body. People know her as a female singer who has the most tattoos. One of them is a meaningful tattoo which is written “time to cry”. The tattoo is a tribute for her bulldog. The dog is named Elvis. It is as reminder when dog was dead.

Megan Fox Tattoo
Megan Fox is a famous model and actress. She is getting famous when starring a movie of Transformer. She is a fan of actress Marilyn Monroe. Even so she would not imitate her. She made a tattoo with the image of Marilyn Monroe. It is a meaningful tattoo as a warning for film industry that they do not wholly own her.

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18 Photos of the Meaningful Tattoos of Celebrities

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