Lower Back Tattoo Designs on Girls

Lower back tattoo designs are a lot used on girls rather than on guys because girls think it would be sexy by using crow tops and low-rise jeans and when they sit somehow they could reveal their tattoo that they have back there. This type of tattoo done in the lower back is usually called the “tramp stamp” tattoo. Not a nice name for a tattoo we know, but sometime they look really tacky because of the placement of the tattoo itself. Even though, for some it could look very sexy because woman’s lower back could be often viewed as a very erotic body part.

Stereotypes for girls with lower back tattoo designs
There are still a lot of stereotypes for girls or women with lower back tattoos. Because they have such a derogatory term “tramp stamp”, those girls are usually not the ones people want to pick to have a relationship with. The fairness or unfairness about this subject is socially made because of the tattoos that they have on their lower back. Those people that call other with the “tramp stamp” nickname could just be jealous because they could actually look really good for the girls that have those tattoos in their lower backs. They are not always necessarily immature trashy girls that have the lower back tattoo designs on their lower backs; some might really think they want the bigger extra space they have there for the tattoo artist to ink their design on.

Lovely Quotes Lower Back Tattoo Designs for Girls

12 Photos of the Lower Back Tattoo Designs on Girls

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