Joker Tattoo: When Life Is Too Precious to be Lived in a Too Serious Way

When you think that Joker’s words “why so serious” is something that you think to be right, Joker Tattoo is certainly something that you have to consider when about to get inked. Even if you apply Joker Tattoo design on your skin, it does not mean that you also have to act like a villain. It is just a kind of reminder that sometime you do not need to be too serious about all things in your precious life.

Combination of Image and Wordings in the Design
If you are about to choose Joker Tattoo, you have to be sure to choose the best design that can make it looks best on your skin too. Since it is so, of course the design in which joker image and also “why so serious” wordings are involved is the best one to choose.

Awesome Crazy Joker Tattoo Design

Perfect Alternative for Batman Comic Fans
For the truly fans of Batman comic, especially for this villain character, Joker Tattoo is a definitely a perfect tattoo design to choose. Especially for them, it would be great if the tattoo is made with the exactly same realistic design of Joker’s face, including the iconic facial colors and expression that he has.

12 Photos of the Joker Tattoo: When Life Is Too Precious to be Lived in a Too Serious Way

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