Joker Tattoo: Scary or Cute Instead?

Joker is one of many characters in Batman movie that people choose to be tattooed on their body. People love this fictional character because he is known as an intelligent criminal who is so tricky and full of ideas. Tattooing this Joker Tattoo on their body means showing how smart and scary they are. But, don’t you know that even though the real look of Joker is scary, there is also cute tattoo of it.

Scary Joker Tattoo to Show the Your Strength
As a Joker in the comic and movie looks like, a realistic Joker Tattoo on a body will look ugly and scary. Some people who love to show their strength and masculinity prefer this Scary Joker Tattoo rather than the other characters. If you have this tattoo on your body, the other people who look at or even just glance to your tattoo will automatically think that you are a real man.

Scary Joker Tattoo Designs on Rib

Cute Clown Joker Tattoo
If you love Joker tattoo but want to make it looks cuter, you can ask the tattoo artist to draw a clown Joker Tattoo on your body. By the creativity of the tattoo artist, the scary joker will turn into a cute and lovely one instead. For this Joker Character, people usually choose their arms to be tattooed.

19 Photos of the Joker Tattoo: Scary or Cute Instead?

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