Inspiring Popular Urban Tattoo Designs

Urban tattoo designs are quite popular this day and have received different kinds of art style that makes urban tattoo quite popular for every tattoo community. Some of the designs of this tattoo are inspired from various different things. However, the inspiration are mostly comes from the culture and arts that has been known in the ages of the world.

A good example for culture inspired urban tattoo designs are the animal tattoo designs. Just as we already know there are various animal tattoo designs in this world. However, what we does not know is some of them are heavily inspired from various different culture and hiding a depth meaning. For examples, the wolf inspired tattoo design is coming from the Indian culture. Indian is known to honor the wolf because wolf is considered to be an honored animal that become the embodiment of the spirit of the hunt.

urban grafitti tattoo design ideas on upper back for men

Besides animal inspired tattoo, there are also mythical animal urban tattoo designs. This urban tattoos are inspired from various mythical animal that comes from different culture and has undergoes a revolution in the terms of art design making it a unique and popular tattoos for the teenager. Dragon tattoo designs that are inspired from the eastern culture usually give a serpent like dragon design which gives us the meaning of wisdom and future. On the other hand western dragon gives us different meaning with cunning and wickedness.

9 Photos of the Inspiring Popular Urban Tattoo Designs

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