Incredible Dog Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings

If you are a pet-freak, it is a sure thing that you want to make your pet eternal, although it is only by a painting on your skin. Dog, as one of people’s most favorite pets, is a high-rank tattoo requested by so many pet lovers all over the world. Dog Tattoo becomes popular as its various designs and the meaning behind them.

What Dog Tattoo Symbolizes?
As you know that tattoo is a reflection of the users, people with Dog Tattoo usually want to show their loyalty, strength, companion, and also affection. Even in Asia, most people use this tattoo design to emphasize that they have good-luck. In Chinese society, particularly, dog symbolizes luck, prosperity, and friendliness. In many great legends, dog represents a spiritual guidance. For those specialties given to dog, tattoo with dog design is preferable to other animals.

amazing dogs animal tattoo design ideas on back for women

Dog Tattoo Ideas
Here is a list of Dog Tattoo design ideas of how you can show that you are fond of your dog by drawing it on your skin. You can choose a drawing of your dog’s paw prints with its name under the paws, and it is possible to be more creative to employ this design, whether you like walking paw prints, or a single paw print with its name or date of birth or death, etc. It is a brilliant idea for commemorating its birthday, death, or loss. Your dog’s silhouette or cartoon version can also be chosen as a tattoo design, but you have to give a special attention to your dog’s distinctive features to make the Dog Tattoo more similar to your real dog.

16 Photos of the Incredible Dog Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings

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