High Risk in Skin Cancer by Doing UV Tattoo Designs

UV tattoo designs have been done more and more these days, because they look pretty cool glow in the dark on their skin. With this being said, there are a lot of downsides in doing UV tattoos on your body too. One of them would be a very high risk of getting high cancer, because of the ingredients the ink uses. Many tattoo artists refuse to work with UV inks because of the complication their clients might have on their skin and they are more difficult to implement and process rather than regular tattoos. When you have UV inks on your skin, you might not be able to go out and have your skin visible to the sun because it would damage the tattoo and they might change color to yellowish to brownish color and made them look just like regular tattoos.

Other Complications in UV Tattoo Designs
Because of the very bad reactions of this type of ink used in the process, it is not commonly done or used and also only few varieties of UV inks are approved by the governments. A lot of people would have different types of reactions in getting UV tattoo designs done on their body parts, from minor skin itching to dermatitis or even skin cancer. Some research also has conducted that people with UV tattoos on them have had physical effects on the skin, because their skins have bad reactions to the ink used in UV tattoos.

Unique UV Tattoo Designs on Head

13 Photos of the High Risk in Skin Cancer by Doing UV Tattoo Designs

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