Get Inked with Fox Racing Tattoos

Fox Racing tattoos is a tattoo design using Fox Racing logo. Fox Racing (Fox Head, Inc.) is a brand for motocross gear, footwear, eyewear, clothing and bags. This company was founded in 1974 by Geoff Fox and Peter Fox. The head quarter of the company is in Irvine, California. Fox Racing built its business by developing products for motocross and racing engines for Yamaha. Today this company has become most popular racing sports brands of the world.

Fox Racing Logo
Fox Racing tattoos become one of popular tattoo designs among racing sport lovers. It is because the logo is simple, imaginative and interesting. The shape of the logo is the head of a fox. Fox is known as the strongest, fastest, adventurous and clever animals. Therefore, the company uses it as their logo. The logo is in black and white colors. The shape of the fox head is outlined with white color and filled with bold and strong black color. Tattoo artists enjoy inking Fox Racing Tattoos because of its uniqueness and simplicity.

Fox Racing Tattoos Designs

Racing sport lovers and big fans of Fox Racing love getting the logo on their bodies. The tattoo design represents a symbol of power and strength. Since the logo is in black and white color, many tattoo artists modified it into more colorful tattoo. Some of the fans even design their own tattoo with stylish and unique designs. Fox Racing tattoos also can be designed or combined with additional details such as tribal, bows, flowers, leaves, wings, stars, calligraphic texts and many more. For feminine look, ink the logo with pink or purple color with cute little bow as detail. For men, the logo can be colored with black or red color with colorful designs of tribal or other details. It is only need imagination and creativity for getting unique and great tattoo. And remember to think before you get inked as it said that good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good.

black tribal fox tattoo design ideas on arm

17 Photos of the Get Inked with Fox Racing Tattoos

two pink fox racing tattoos on belly for girlssmall neck fox racing tattoo for womansmall cute fox racing tattoo on footsimple fox racing tattoo in grey colorpurple fox racing tatto on upper backfox racing tattoo with wings on belly for girlsFox Racing Star Logo Tattoo with Blue Starcool tattoo of fox racing on arm for mancool fox racing tattoo on elbowcool black and white fox tattoo design on armcolorful tribal fox racing tattoocolorful fox racing tattooblack tribal fox tattoo design ideas on armblack fox racing tattoo on elbowbeautidul fox tattoo design on armawesome fox racing tribal tattoo on back for manawesome fox and quote tattoo design on shoulder

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