Exotic and Traditional Irish Tattoo designs

Irish tattoo designs are pretty exotic and unique because it is mainly based on the old mythology of ancient Europe. In the ancient times people of Europe especially the northern people are using worshiping the Norse god of pantheon as their deity. The Irish are also the same in the ancient times and some of them even using tattoo as a symbol of their exploit and bravery.

The tattoo usually is taken from different things such as runes and magic. The runes are mystical keyword from the all father Odin that is believed to be able to conjure supernatural elements and events to this world. There are various runes that also inspire Irish tattoo designs in the past and modern day. A good example will be the thurizas rune word. This word is coming from the strong which means that people who are using this symbol will be as strong as a metal.

irish cross symbols for strength

Other than the runes symbol for Irish tattoo designs we can also discover other Irish inspired tattoos design such as the mythical animal. Norse mythical animal are quite large in variant. For examples, there are Fafnir the black dragon which embodies greed and chaos, niddhog the dragon which embodies gluttony due to eating the world tree Yggdrasil and of course the jormungadr and fenrir the snake and wolf who end this world and bring the age of twilight for the gods.

15 Photos of the Exotic and Traditional Irish Tattoo designs

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